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I'll "keep it simple, smartie!" For as complex as the biogenetic body is, maintenance can be broken down into a steady, headway beat...kept simple, so it's chartable for your doctor. There are seven days in a week... so, as simple as possible, it's a week routine to practice weekly. I'll scale the days as if graphed on a verticle of seven, with seven being the "over-load" day (day of rest) and the lesser degrees, representing the health-o-cardiogram:

Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday

Sunday - FEAST Day
Monday - PROTEIN Day
Wednesday - OATS Day
Thursday - OATS Day
Saturday - PROTEIN Day


You should, more often than not, drink liquids constantly thoughout the day: from the time of waking/rising until retiring. Obviously, many liquids are high in calories. So, staying within the "non-indulgence" rule, here's the recipe for the Elixir:

~ Life Elixir ~

1) BOIL tap water and let cool to room temperature;
2) In a coffee mug, place 1 rounded tspn. of SPENDA & a grind or two of SEA SALT;
3) Add cooled, boiled water and stir.

The following Elixir ADDITIVE should be used SPARINGLY thoughout the week when you need ENERGY, instead of those popular "Energy Drinks." But, mind you, "over-indulgence!" It's DANGEROUS. If you're tired, you need did NOT get a GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP and your body has not finished its NATURALLY HEALTHY HEALING PROCESS:

Malt Extract with Cod Liver Oil (Butterscotch Flavour)


Let's start with FEAST day, since that is the day most of us hogs are probably most interested in. Okay. Eat a well balanced 10 course meal if you want, up to 2 servings of everything (guaranteed, you won't be able to stomach it!). But if you eat high sugar, (cookies or cakes, for example), BALANCE it with a nice salad (but not a "Chef" salad). Understand?

PROTEIN DAY: Feed those muscles! Good day to do your "best of ability work-out." I have found the best way to feed my muscles, is to drink warm "body-builder's" protein/whey shake. But I boil the water in my Mr. Coffee, add my two scoops of mix into a single coffee mug, then add boiling water and ONE icecube. I drink it in the morning, for breakfast, which should REALLY be within one-half hour after waking/rising:

BLOOD PRESSURE DAY: You should regularly monitor your mercurial blood pressure and heart rate at least 2 times a week. This is best when you don't eat a "breakfast." Drink a couple WARM cups of Elixir, relax, and monitor yourself. Any stress or anxiety? Something's WRONG! You better concentrate on getting your blood pressure to normal levels. Contact your doctor, if necessary. You may only have to do or consume something simple. But REST. Don't "over-indulge" in exertion! You'll only be KILLING yourself, literally.

OATS DAY: Breakfast is ONE serving of warm, QUAKER OATS - sprinkle with splenda, if you have a sweet tooth, but nothing else. Don't add fruit or dairy or syrups. Have that on FEAST day, if that's the meal you want.

EVERY DAY BUT FEAST DAY FOOD: You should never go ANY day without eating a little'll starve (even if you don't think you're doing that to your body). When you starve, your sympathetic system DRAWS UPON some other part of your body for the nutrients it needs. So you fast, and there goes the muscle you're trying to keep healthy. Get the picture? Here's my recipe for every day little bit food. I typically eat around dinner time (4-5:00 p.m.):

[Most ingredients available at DOLLAR TREE or your Local Market]
You'll need:

1 27 oz. can of Margaret Holmes Fancy Chopped Spinach;
2 7.5 oz. cans of LILY Wild Alaska Pink Salmon (1 14.75 oz.can of Bumble Bee Premium Wild Pink Salmon is also good);
1 oz. Minced Onion;
2 cups Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese;

~ Mix ingredients in a large bowl and add HELLMANN'S REAL MAYONNAISE, to taste ~
[Makes approximately 8 servings (8 days worth of food)]

CHIPS: ONE serving of LAY'S KETTLE COOKED POTATO CHIPS per meal [that's ONCE a day, except FEAST day] - Sea Salt & Vinegar Flavored

SUPPLEMENTS: Obviously, you're going to need NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS. The following are recommended, as biotechnically combined and physio-engineered:

EVERYDAY (Including FEAST Day):

Iron 65mg. (1)
Vitamin E 400 IU (1)

Nature Made - Adult Gummies - Immune System Complex with Zinc (2)
Nature Made - Adult Gummies - Vitamin C 250mg. (2)

L-Lysine 500mg. (1)
Lecithing 1200mg. (3)
Nature Made - Adult Gummies - Fiber (dietary 6g/soluble 6g) (3)

Apple Cider Vinegar 500mg (1)
Tart Cherry Extract 1000mg (1)
Garcinia Cambogia (at least)500mg (2)

North Atlantic Kelp 200mcg.(1)
Salmon Oil 1000mg.(1)

Protein Day:

CoQ10 200mg (2)
Potassium 99mg. (2)

Blood Pressure Day:

COMVITA Immune Support Olive Leaf Extract 66mg (1)
Vitamin B-6 100mg (1)
Zinc 30mg (1)

Oats Day:

ONE-A-DAY Multi-Vitamin (1)
Calcium 600mg + D3 800IU (1)
I-CAPS Eye Vitamin (2)
Hyalauronic Acid 100mg (2)

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