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The most important aspect, and requirement, for true natural beauty is natural health. Learning Health Assessment, in order that you learn to become aware of your own ails - and when you should contact a physician - is critical toward the maintenance of a health-filled lifestyle.

Ear - Eye, Ear - Eye - Oh!

Most people think of that childhood song, "Old McDonald had a Farm," as just a work for children's fancy. But there is a reason for everything you learn when you are a kid (not when you were a goat). "E-I-E-I-O" in that song relates to the natural keys for your best health. Obviously, it relates to your sensens of Hearing and Vision. There is a balance that must be maintained between the two - or you'll lose your balance (literally). And a balance of food, supplements and presecription medications (if prescribed by your health care provider) is just all too critical to good, NATURAL health.

You should take care of your ears (nothing in them smaller than your thumb) and promote natural cleaning (you know, block out that noise by pressing in those two little ears at the canal of your ears) by pressing and popping once them in a while. How 'hout every morning? Don't want wax build-up...believe it or not, if too much natural build-up, if you pop every morning, one day a little ball of silly wax just might pop out! Vision is also critical, but the better your hearing, the better your eyes - and visa versa.

CARE for your eyes. Take time to remove the sand accumulation every morning while opening your eyes wide. Wear your glasses, without worry of how "funny" or "unattractive" you may feel. Priorities, ya know? Get those regular eye exams by a GOOD physician...a specialist would be more like it. Without your eyes and without your ears, you could become dumb as the OX that never made it to Old McDonald's Farm. Caring for eyes properly requires YOU to care and your TAKING TIME to care, or you could end up blind or with eye diseases as you grow older. The "O" in "e-i-e-i" means "Oh!" Got the picture? Hearing and Vision first...then all GOOD things toward you best, healthiest, natural self will be enabled to follow.

You Are What You Consume

The old adage: "You are what you eat," is only partially correct. Actually, you are a composite of everything you consume. So, are you a pig, a billy goat, a billy goat pig...or someone who really cares about their health? BALANCE. Not even God expects you to eat ALL VEGETABLES ALL THE TIME, or NO SUGAR PART OF THE TIME, or NO MEAT ANY OF THE TIME. BALANCE! And don't OVER-INDULGE. Watch your portions. Watch your calories. Mind your body fat. Feed your muscles. Nourish your bones. Regularly stimulate the natural immune system so that your sympathetic nervous system will function properly. And mind your intestinal tract! Yes, your POOP is the over-all indicator of your internal health. Is yours GREEN, yet? Green poop IS POSSIBLE...goes back to cave-man days. Green poop is EDIBLE in case of emergency. Looks a heck of a lot prettier in the septic system, too! So, do that stool sample for your health care practitioner and BE CURIOUS about the result. You are what you consume...but you are only as healthy as your bowel movements.

No Hoax, You Need a Healthy Heart

Every aspect of your body is constantly being treated by your sympathetic nervous system, EXCEPT FOR YOUR HEART! Your Balanced Health Routine, including exercise, should "beat" like the graph of an electro-cardiogram. Up, down, and yes, a little in between. Don't do strenuous exercise every day. Don't even do heart healthy exercise every day. You need time off. You also need sleep, too. Deep, REM sleep. You should try not to exhaust yourself, mentally or physically. It's not healthy. Why not punch another nail into your coffin. But don't do NO exercise every day, either. Maybe "work-out" one day a week, to the best of your ability, with more casual exercise every day, during the remainder of the week...with little to no exercise on should not be just God's day off.

In the "Naturals" section (see Navigation Menu, above), I have more-or-ess outlined a system for general, good, internal health. I will not go into details about the biotechnically engineered research that resulted in the development of the system, but I will make recommendations as to foods, drinks, and supplements (excluding supplements requiring a prescription) and explain, in plain language, the common sense. So, this website is dedicated to your unique natural beauty, as your most beautiful self is the reflection of your how good natural health.

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