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Beauty Advice for the Young At Heart or Young In Age

Beauty for All Seasons

The truth about having a beautiful appearance that is consistent with your unique, personal self is to primarily follow the basics of living a respectful life, regardless of what may happen by chance or circumstance. There are certain quick things that anyone can remember to help guide them toward the ultimately serene appearance that may be longed for:

Follow Rules:

Rules are general guidelines that are already established and in existence for a reason. For example, The Golden Rules:

"Follow your heart."

"Do all the right things for all the right reasons."

"Do whatever you legally want to do and try very hard to never hurt any other living thing, no matter what happens."

"Think before you take action. Think anything at all that you please, just do not ACT upon it before putting on your thinking cap and testing your idea for possible negative repercussions before actually DOING anything."

"Never Give Up on Finding True Love and Happiness!"

Have a good, documentable reason when you feel your actions might be in violation of any Golden Rule. To Document your reason and help you think it out, write your reasoning down. This can be in a diary, a personal journal, a handwritten, personal letter to a friend or you can always depend on the Protective Arms of our United States Government (if you think your breach may have been a little against the law). If what you feel requires more than 3 to 5 typewritten pages, you can always start to write a book.

Always Believe:

Always believe in the possibilities of your own self and never give up on achieving the image that expresses your natural inner beauty. If you don't FEEL beautiful at any certain time, but want to express it, take a shower first. Not a long shower. It can be a quickie. This helps you wash away all of the dead skin cells that could be blocking the absorbsion of necessary vitamins, like vitamin D from the sun. Then apply Baby Lotion.

To encourage the natural exfoliation of dead skin, wash your hair, too. Be sure to stimulate the scalp and use shampoo scents that remind you of something beautiful.

To get your share of the minimal minerals necessary to stimulate natural beauty, drink at least a glass of tap or faucet filtered water before bedtime. 8 ounces is fine. Keep thinking about what happened or what your desired result is until you can physically express your beautiful image in your own unique way. If all natural remedies fail, use a little make-up or buy some new clothes. Be patient. The natural healing that must take place as a result of just living takes time, depending on how hurt you may be feeling or how strewn your physique.

Keep Your Feet on the Ground:

Mother Earth is called "Mother" for a reason. Take a walk, wearing the most comforting shoes and socks in order to thoroughly cushion your soles. You can even go barefoot for the fastest healing , but that depends on your physical location. If at the beach, play in the water. The natural salts of the ocean are absorbed by the skin and very good for you. You may just have to take a shower at the end of the day to prevent an overdose (sun and salt).

Always be sure to dress comfortably for the weather. Don't let yourself get too cold. You'll shiver your spine. This could hurt the delicate communication nerves that are intended to help you heal in every way imaginable within the natural system, until you achieve your most unique, naturally beautiful self.

If you get too warm from clothing, start removing layers. Keep in mind, though, what is considered decent exposure. Indecent exposure is a break of the law, not just a rule. So be careful. You do not want to offend other people or things by your nakedness, regardless of how YOU may feel.

Still warm? Shower again in luke-warm water or wash you hands in cool water. Use soap. If your hands are overly dry or wrinkling, instead of washing, use some baby lotion and forget the water and soap. When you shower use soap scents that make you feel fresh and clean. Then be sure to put on fresh undergarments that encourage the expulsion of chemicals or substances that may be waiting to be replaced by newly recycled skin, tissue or whatever your body is trying to mend. This could result in a zit or cyst, but don't puncture those without speaking to a medical professional first if the size of it causes you concern or too much pain.

The best colour for undergarments is white, which is a combination of all of the colors of the rainbow wrapped up in one. White undies makes a rainbow connection with your spiritual spine. Your natural beauty will become more and more visible in the mirror as time marches on. You will be amazed.

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